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My first month here at SimkissGuy – Amy-Leigh Hill

My first month here at SimkissGuy has, to me, flown by. It is my first experience in an office environment and has been a great learning process. It has consisted of just the right portion of administration support to the team, with a small dash of gin (strictly out of hours of course)! I have found it is easy to fit in here, SimkissGuy have a unique approach to recruiting and I am spending every day learning what that entails…

I have spent the past month witnessing the team building and retaining relationships with their clients and candidates alike. I guess I hadn’t considered before what being in this industry involves. From what I have seen so far it is; a personable approach to all, no “selling” of any type and an extraordinary ability to recognise qualities that are required candidate. Oh, and memory! I can’t express my amazement at my colleagues for their memory for detail, from remembering a name, a face and an individual’s skills set from the top of their heads, it’s very impressive! I have been building my own relationships with candidates through our regular catch up calls and it is interesting to learn how our candidates are finding the job market.

The passion SimkissGuy have for the city of Birmingham is evident. My LoveBrum membership was gifted to me from the team here – and I am thrilled to be supporting a charity that shares some lovely hidden gem projects across the city and my Loyalty Card gives me some wonderful discounts at bars, shops and restaurants. It is a real gem and a wonderful welcome gift. I’m excited to see what the next month brings!

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