So yesterday was BYPY Judging Day. And what an experience it was.

I have to be honest and say that I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I arrived. It had been a hectic couple of weeks since my HR, Recruitment & Training Finalist place was confirmed.

Aside from the day to day running of SimkissGuy Recruitment and Development Committee Chair work for Birmingham Future, I spent as much time as possible getting to really know what was going on in the city.

GBSLEP News, Tick. The Path to Local Growth, Tick. Making sure I was completely decided on my favourite city centre bar / restaurant, well it was a tough job but some-one had to do it, Tick.

So what if my Husband had pointed out that I had turned into a walking tour guide of the city, whilst on a (from his point of view) reluctant shopping trip to the Bullring. I wasn’t expecting to sleep the night before anyway, so that was of course a given.

I was as prepared as any girl in a “SimkissGuy Purple” dress could be!

Having said that, the lovely weather we have all been recently enjoying so much meant that my primary concern was arriving at De Vere Venue, our hosts for the day, without breaking my leg and slipping on ice. Note to self. Next time, Becky, change into 4” heels when you get there.

A flurry of activity was waiting for me at De Vere. The fabulous BYPY Committee were on top form making sure everything ran like clockwork. I would of course have expected nothing less.

Entering the judging room was just like the interview stage of “The Apprentice”. 8 of the city’s great and good were in front of me. I had 15 minutes to make an impression. Not much.

Then the questions started. 5 minutes in I started to relax. 10 minutes in, I was really enjoying myself. 15 minutes in and I didn’t want to leave! How did it go, well that’s up to the judges and we’ll see on the 2nd May, but it was a great experience.

Next was my interview to camera. Hmmm. Funny how you can lose the ability to speak coherently when there is a camera in front of you! My parting words to the team from Vermillion Films, “Don’t make me look like a blabbering idiot”. They wrote that down. I guess it needed saying.

Next photography for the brochure, group shots of the three finalists in my category and done. By this time I was in my stride and didn’t want to go.

Unfortunately, I had to.

More than anything else, I am so honoured and thrilled to have been selected as a Finalist. I hear that the standard was incredibly high this year. I know that the judges will have a tough decision to make. Having the opportunity to showcase the core values of SimkissGuy is in itself a huge reward. So whatever happens on the 2nd May (5 weeks and counting!), it’s been a great journey so far and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

All I can do now is wait. And go shopping for THAT dress.